“Look before you leap!”

You’ve undoubtedly been told this at some point in your life.  The problem is, few people look, and even less people leap.

‘Communication’ quickly becomes an exercise in procrastination, stagnation, and, in the worst cases, dysfunction.

Not to worry.  Just Got Word specializes in organizational communications tied to meaningful business goals.  If a company wants to change the way it is doing things, then it must communicate to a number of key stakeholders exactly what it is that’s expected of them to both lead and embrace necessary change.  This is where our work stands out.  Over and over, we have done this.  And we do it well.  Just ask our clients.

Just Got Word provides research, change management and effective communication services to organizations of all sizes. Our approach means tangible benefits for our clients — worldwide.

While we can readily provide communication in the workplace through a variety of media, including social media, we have particular expertise in supporting the ad hoc communications requests of corporate departments. Whether it’s an anti-corruption campaign for your legal department, a press release for public affairs, or a management development toolkit for HR, we fill in the gaps with high quality service and deliverables.

We look forward to changing your organization for the better through intelligent research, aggressive yet achievable project plans with a keen focus on ROI, and effective communication for general audiences and key stakeholders.JGW Logo

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