Q. What is Just Got Word?
A. “JGW” is a communications consulting firm. We package information for organizations, helping them influence and inform customers, business prospects, employees, shareholders, and other key stakeholders.

Q. We already have in-house communications people, why do we need you?
A. Corporate communications departments are often stretched thin.  In addition, it’s not uncommon for corporate communications departments to assign junior staff members to ‘internal communications,’ thinking it’s less critical than ‘external communications,’ which is left to more experienced hands.  We think internal communication is just as important as external communications, and, when engaged by our clients, help overcome internal staff shortages and inexperience in critical areas including benefits, anti-corruption, leadership development, succession planning, change management, performance management and HRIS communications.

Q. Where are you located?
A. We are headquartered in midtown Manhattan. Since we travel well and can Skype, we don’t confine our business contact to those companies located in the New York metropolitan area.  Thus, we work with companies throughout North America and overseas.

Q. How big is your company?
A. As big as you want it to be. We’re a virtual organization, meaning we’re tied via computer into a vast network of suppliers who we bring into projects as needed. Our current network includes market researchers, writers, industrial psychologists, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, attorneys, actuaries, computer systems designers, printers and mail houses.

Q. When was JGW formed?
A. David Fitzsimons established Just Got Word in 2005 after working as a research, marketing and communications professional for major corporations and consulting firms throughout the United States and overseas.

Q. Why should we hire you?
A. We work very hard to understand customer needs and then meet them. We always build measurable objectives into our projects so our clients can assess the value of the material and services we provide. Our goal is to make every client a superstar. We do this by working fast, being flexible (e.g., working fluidly with internal resources, external resources or a combination), always being available, providing accurate material and staying within budget.

Q. How much lead time do you need to begin working on a project?
A. It depends on how busy we are when the request comes in. Generally, we need 5-10 days’ advance notice.

Q. How are you paid?
A. Our clients pay us on either a fee-for-service basis or through a retainer agreement.

Q. Can you provide references?
A. Yes. We’ll gladly do so upon request.

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