David Fitzsimons
Award-winning communications consultant with deep change management knowledge; dedicated to solving client problems through results-driven, actionable plans. David has worked with a blue chip roster of clients, including Pfizer, ITT, Con Ed, Kraft, Ciba, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Forest Labs, and Public Service Enterprise Group.

Annette Racond
Annette is a writer with over 25 years of experience who has had her work published in major media outlets, including The New York Times, The Miami Herald, Chicago Sun-Times and New York Newsday. In addition, she launched online newsletters for various health-related companies such as The Bridge to Recovery, as well as handled ghostwriting projects and other content. Her experience also includes serving as senior writer for healthcare insurers, including Aetna, New York Life NYLCare and Group Health Incorporated (GHI). She is a columnist for Health & Wellness magazine and was also a staff writer for Wellness magazine.

George Manderlink, Ph.D
Renowned organizational consultant, specializing in competitive analysis, market research and customer sensitivity feedback.  Through rigorous quantitative and qualitative analysis, George helps define the current state, the future state and what has to happen in between (i.e., change/communication plan) for necessary change among targeted stakeholder groups.

Nayda Rondon
Great writer, editor, interviewer and bi-lingual, Nayda has covered a number of topics for publications and websites. The author of two hard-cover, non-fiction books, she has been the editor-in-chief of New Body, a national health and fitness magazine; group managing editor at Lifestyle Publications, publisher of consumer teen magazines; and New York editor of Studio International, a European-based luxury beauty publication.

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